This week many seasonal crab carryout businesses open up for the summer season. This creates an uptick in the demand for crabs and usually a spike in the wholesale cost of crabs. Yea, not good right?

The somewhat milder winter is bringing an early season for North Carolina. We will be getting our first NC crab this weekend. Usually at the beginning of the season, anything and everything goes into the #1 basket from sm to big crab, so we will doing some serious sorting for proper sizing.

My Virginia crabber has already contacted me, their season opens up Mar 15th I believe, and he expects to have crab available for me shortly after that. These will be the first Chesapeake Bay Crabs of the season!

The Maryland season opens up on April 1. H...

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THE BLOG Is Oyster Aquaculture Good for the Bay? 5 Questions for Dr. Ashley Smyth

02/03/2016 12:06 pm ET | Updated 2 days ago

Tim WardAuthor of The Master Communicator's Handbook, and co-owner of Intermedia Communications

The EPA has put the Chesapeake Bay on a low-pollution diet, limiting the total amount of pollutants, such as nutrients and sediment. One surprising ally in the battle to save the Bay is the oyster. I interviewed Dr. Ashley Smyth, a Scientist at the VA Institute of Marine Science about her work on oysters and how they help cleanse the waters.

Question 1: How exactly do oysters remove pollutants from the water?

Answer: Oysters remove pollutants as they feed. Oysters, like clams and mussels are filtering feeding bivalves...

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This link should take you to the Virginia Institute of Marine Science web page. Very Interesting read!

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